Saturday, May 16, 2015


Hello all,

My transition to Florida hasn't been without its heart and headaches. I live with my friends Rob and Moe and I am sooooo grateful they could make this happen. Ken and I have separated but remain good friends. The boys are still in Texas with him.
It was a hard decision but it will be for the best. They have lots of friends there and they are learning to be more independent. We FaceTime and text regularly.
My mom is getting a new house, beautiful home. Not sure when I will get to see it but I can't wait.
She got a ticket for Alex to go spend the summer with him. It will be so good for the two of them.
We are trying our best to get Sam and William to come and spend the summer here with me but finances suck. I will need to rent a place for the summer. I am not quite on my feet yet.
So as much as I suck at asking for help I am turning to my friends. It's uncomfortable because I know some of our cancer families need it much more but I am pretty desperate right now. So if you can help me out, I would be extremely thankful.
Here is a link where you can donate a few bucks.
I am so grateful for those who have donated and shared this link!
help bring william and Sam to Mama this summer.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wilms Tumor baby girl

Imagine you are in your early 20's, you have an 18 months old,
about to have an other baby, trying to provide for all 3 of you and
go to school. You have no permanent home, you are struggling.

Your 18 months old gets sick and you hear the words" she has

You have nothing and your baby has cancer???? How does a single
mommy manage does???

Caleb's Crusade, here in SW Florida steps up. Financial help is
crucial at this point!

Please help little Makayla and her mommy...

Help Makayla now